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NEW ALBUM: OMNION II (2019/2020) 


Listen or buy HERE:

Also available on:

 CD Baby,

 Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, and many others,

as well as a physical CD.

> Two tracks from the album in charts of Radio 1 station:

Pseudo-balkan Tromboridu – 3rd position

Pyg-meje – 4th position

> The track Frozen Tabla got the 1st prize for the Czech Republic in Musica Nova 2019 international competition of electro-acoustic music.

The composition was played live at the winners' event in Edinburgh/UK (March 2020).

Download Press release and full CD cover here:

Milan Bátor (one of the leading Czech music critics, Czech Radio):

“Omnion released an album that finds itself on the boundaries of cultures in the present time. It doesn’t offer any false track or a cheap comfort in some relaxing plane. His music touches the essence of music and language and finds methods and schemes which are similar to each other in many ways. The album is a clear testimony that genre boundaries don't make any sense because music creativity can’t be tamed or bound. Only such a free musical imagination has the ability to bear any value and doesn’t simply bring wood into the forest.”

Audio teaser from the new album: == >>>

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